The Values of Maisons du Leman

Aesthetically Driven

Due to our outstanding reputation and track record of beautifully executed buildings, Maisons du Leman has become a major player in the Lac Leman real estate market.

The conception of our projects, choice of materials and superior design aesthetic - qualities we share with each of our partners - are the reflection of our meticulous attention to architectural detail.

Our exceptional combination of taste and discernment consistently allow us to provide our clients with their dream home, one in which we ourselves would love to live.


Acquiring a home is a huge commitment, a rare moment in life. This is a source of intense joy and euphoria, but can also come with doubts and stress.

To help make the experience as smooth as possible, we stand beside our clients every step of the way. We listen and establish a solid relationship based on trust, honesty and transparency.

We go above and beyond for our clients until they are immensely satisfied when they enter their new home for the first time.


Our goals and high standards for excellence are shared by all of our partners. Because even the smallest details matter, we select collaborators based on both their talent and discipline in execution.

We oversee every aspect of the project, from concept to completion, devoting the time, energy, and care needed to deliver the finest product and experience to the client.

Our History

Maisons du Léman is a story which began over 15 years ago.

Founded by Gilles Queru, an accomplished entrepreneur, who has developed over the years, numerous successful projects through his passion for technology, innovation and architecture.

A complementary and deeply integrated team has been built over the years. Dynamic, young and passionate we join forces to develop residential projects around the Leman region. An exceptional regional framework that stimulates excellence.

Today our story continues to evolve. We manage projects that are even more elegant, in line with the current environmental challenges. This job excites us. We are happy to create unique, sustainable homes that will be passed from generation to generation.

Our Team

A complementary, multidisciplinary team animated by common values and ambition.

Gilles Queru
Gilles Queru

Gilles Queru has been an indisputable dynamic entrepreneur for more than 20 years, as well as an investor in the demanding world of technologies.

A born competitor, he founded Maisons du Léman in 2004 out of a passion for architecture and beauty.

Today, Maisons du Léman is one of the leading Swiss real estate developers in the Geneva region.

Virginie Labansat
Virginie Labansat

Virginie Labansat has been a pillar of Maisons du Léman since its creation 15 years ago.

A conscientious expert, Virginie masters every detail with discretion and humility, encompassing the entire management of projects. She combines rigor and attention to detail to offer our customers excellence, from project conception, through the analysis of land, marketing and sales.

Passionate about interior architecture, she also puts her creativity into finishes and decoration, with an emphasis on beautiful materials and arrangements that reinforce the reputation of Maisons du Léman with our clients.

Romain Queru
Romain Queru

Curious, positive and ambitious, Romain Queru graduated from the prestigious Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne in 2015, and joined Maisons du Léman in 2018.

From his experience in working for the biggest names in luxury hotels, he brings with him an innate sense of service, great relational ease and an appetite for developing relationships, all to better connect with our clients.

Today, he facilitates the realization of our projects in a conscientious, multidisciplinary and versatile way.

Magali Blanc
Magali Blanc

Warm, conscientious and driven by a sense of detail, Magali is responsible for the administrative and accounting aspects within Maisons du Leman. She joined the team in 2017.

Her mission: Ensure the smooth running of the business by carefully overseeing every file.

Victoria Durand
Victoria Durand

Dynamic and warm, passionate about architecture, art and aesthetics as a whole, Victoria joined Maison du Léman in 2022 as an architect in charge of quality control.

In this position, she has an overview of all Maison du Léman projects and participates in enriching exchanges with other partner architects.

For Victoria, the secret of a successful project lies in listening, understanding customer expectations, and creativity. Each achievement, traditional or contemporary, is unique and thought out down to the smallest detail, with elegance as the common thread.

Maxime Delbruyère
Maxime Delbruyère

Passionate about construction and architecture since childhood, Maxime has always been naturally inclined toward real estate. He joined Maison du Léman in 2022 as sales manager, building on his many years of previous experience in the field.

Listening, supportive, always positive and in a good mood, Maxime will sit down with a client and write with them, as he says, "a great story in real estate: Each sale is above all the culmination of a human encounter."

He draws his energy from sport, especially cycling and mountain sports.